Floor Tapes for Safety

Hazard floor tape

2 min read Workplace safety programs are not complete without a visual communication strategy, and a visual communication strategy is incomplete without floor marking. Floor marking tapes, shapes, and signs are a simple and cost-effective way to communicate important safety information, even for those not familiar with your facility. SafetyTac® floor tape is used for all kinds of applications, but as the name suggests, safety is a priority. Below we have gathered just a few ways you can …

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What are Specialized Floor Tapes?

Specialized Floor Tapes

2 min read Specialized industrial floor tapes are engineered to withstand specific hazards that may compromise regular industrial floor tapes, the most common being damage from a combination of extreme weight paired with pivoting directly on the tape. Even a tough industrial tape can melt or smear when a heavy vehicle plants a tire directly on it and pivots its wheel repeatedly. While not usually a problem, this can be an issue in facilities with constant, extreme equipment …

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