Top Tips for Maintaining the Durability of Floor Tape

Floor Tape InstallationDesigned to enhance organizational efficiency and improve workplace safety measures, SafetyTac tapes are becoming more and more popular for business owners of many kinds. Thanks to the versatility of the Floor Marking Tape, it can be used in line with OSHA color standards to highlight potential hazards, direct traffic flow around a site, or designate certain storage areas. Being simple to apply and an effective low-cost solution, floor tape can be a long-lasting implementation, but only if used correctly. To ensure you don’t reduce effectiveness and find yourself dealing with unnecessary repairing or replacement, here are some top tips for maintaining long-lasting floor tape markings.

Choose a high-quality floor tape

To get results that suit the working environment, businesses need to choose floor tapes that are designed with durability in mind. When it comes to industrial use, the tape must be made with a powerful adhesive, allowing it to withstand heavy footfall or machinery without showing signs of wear. By going for a more heavy-duty product, a long-lasting solution can be achieved which cuts out the need for such frequent replacements or repairs.

Prepare the area before the application

Applying floor tape to an unclean floor can have a significant effect on the results and lead to peeling from poor adhesion. Before applying the tape, the floor should be thoroughly cleaned to ensure any dust, debris, grease or chemicals are not present in the area where the tape will be applied. After the cleaning, it is important to give the floor sufficient time to air dry to ensure all moisture is removed.

Use effective application methods

Carefully ensure the tape is applied correctly and firmly by slowly unrolling it and not rushing the process. Once the tape is in position, weight should be used to ensure the adhesive has a chance to firmly connect with the floor before any dust or debris has a chance to get in the way. The edges of the tape are the areas to keep an eye on, avoiding peeling by using a roller or vehicle to flatten the floor tape to the ground effectively.

Educate employees on color standards

Implementing OSHA color standards is only effective once all employees on-site know how to understand the visual cues. Educate them on the signs of a potential hazard and any other directions which will need to be followed in their job role, promoting safety awareness and a new level of organization within the business. All employees should take ownership if they notice either damaged floor markings or dirty floors which may hide the tape, alerting the appropriate person(s) of the issue so they can be addressed.

Carry out inspections

As well as reporting any tape damage spotted on an ad-hoc basis, it is a good idea to implement routine inspections. This should consist of removing any build-up of dirt from the markings, looking for any signs of damage or peeling, and replacing any areas which are not fit for use anymore.

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