What are Specialized Floor Tapes?

Specialized Floor Tapes Specialized industrial floor tapes are engineered to withstand specific hazards that may compromise regular industrial floor tapes, the most common being damage from a combination of extreme weight paired with pivoting directly on the tape.

Even a tough industrial tape can melt or smear when a heavy vehicle plants a tire directly on it and pivots its wheel repeatedly. While not usually a problem, this can be an issue in facilities with constant, extreme equipment or vehicle traffic. To combat this, extra-dense, rigid tapes exist to withstand that extreme pressure and heat. Floor tapes are also available that combine the toughness of industrial floor tapes with the “grit” or “grip” of anti-slip floor tapes.

You may be asking, why not paint? While paint won’t peel or melt, floor tape is topically the preferred option for industrial workplaces.  While paint requires hours and hours of dry time and the fumes from paint may even call for a facility shut down, industrial floor tapes have no dry time whatsoever and very little prep goes into installation.

When choosing the tape that will fit the needs of your facility the best, you will want to understand the different tape grades that are out there. Here, we will be looking at specialized floor tapes, the tape that will survive harsh industrial workplaces.

Pros of Using Specialized Floor Tapes:

  • Highly resistant to specific hazards including extremely heavy traffic, wet conditions, and chemical supplies.
  • Extremely durable and is shatter resistant.
  • Powerful adhesive that can be applied to a number of surfaces.
  • Easy application that can take less than one work day to install.
  • Long lifespan that will last for years to come.

Cons of Purchasing Specialized Floor Tapes

  • Typically, these tapes are at the highest price point.

Our specialized floor tape lines that can withstand any industrial conditions include:

  • SafetyTac® 2.0 with Armor Technology: Designed with a harder, denser material, this tape is the toughest floor tape on the market. Forklifts can even pivot smoothly, but heavy loads will not result in any damages. Adhesive is a reinforced dual-sided cloth adhesive and is resistant to shattering and chemical spills.
  • SafetyTac® GRIP: This tape will outlast any other non-slip or traction tape. It has the durability of SafetyTac® with an anti-slip surface that provides durability even in areas with heavy traffic. It is chemical resistant and features an aggressive adhesive backing that will bond with a wide range of surfaces but is also easy to clean.

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